Our church began the activity in 1995, and a lot has changed for us over the years but one thing has remained consistent: a focus on helping people live in love for the Kingdom of God.

Our building is situated on the street of West Florissant, Missouri, but our people represent a rich diversity of ethnic, educational and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our mission:

Teaching the Word of God with simplicity and understanding is the goal of Pastors Anthony and Ramona Trice’s. They believe the Bible is the written and inspired Word of God. Their mission is to invoke change in the lives of people across the lobe. Further, their desire and vision is for all to hear the Word and gain understanding of God’s love and promises. With this global vision, Anthony L Trice Ministries (ALT) functions as the helm outreach for Covenant For Life Ministries.

Our Vision:

With its foundation rooted on the infallible Word of God, ALT endeavors to see changes in the lives of individuals, families, and ministries around the world. ALT’s vision and mission of spreading the Gospel is far-reaching. The dynamic Anthony L Trice’s radio (ALT) broadcast reaches many homes around the world, impacting the lives of many.